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Welcome to Triad Tactical, Inc.

Welcome to the home page of Triad Tactical, Inc. Triad is devoted to bringing tactical shooters, quality products at reasonable prices. We work to bring our customers products that have been proven to be long time favorites, as well as, products on the leading edge of innovation. Triad understands that equipment used in the field must be first rate and built to last.

New Arrivals

Badger 60mm Spotter Protective Filter
Added: 05-15-2017
(0 reviews)  
Badger 60mm Spotter Protective Filter

Our price: $159.00

Push Button/Flush Cup Swivel
Added: 04-12-2017
(0 reviews)  

Our price: $8.00

Badger LPMH Bipod+Kit
Added: 02-27-2017
(0 reviews)  

Badger LPMH Kit with Bipod.

Our price: $180.00