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Kestrel Meters

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Kestrel MOLLE Pouch
(1 reviews)  
Triad Tactical MOLLE pouch for Kestrel weather stations.

Our price: $24.00
Market price: $35.00 save 31%

Kestrel 1000: Blue
(0 reviews)  
Here's the one that started it all!

Our price: $79.00

Kestrel 3500 Night Vision: Olive Drab
(0 reviews)  

The Kestrel 3500NV measures every environmental condition simply with the press of a button!

Note: This unit has a night-vision preserving backlight which helps users to

Our price: $199.95

Kestrel 4000 Night Vision
(0 reviews)  
Kestrel 4000 Night Vision

Our price: $309.00

Kestrel 4500: Yellow
(0 reviews)  
For years our customers have been asking for wind direction along with wind speed. New for 2007, the Kestrel 4500 does just that with its built in digital compass

Our price: $299.00

Kestrel 4500 Night Vision
(1 reviews)  
Kestrel Weather Meters with integrated Bluetooth® technology offer the
ultimate in portable and accurate environmental data. A complete,
hand-held weather station- measure and log numerous critical
environmental conditions; wind speed, wind direction, temperature,
humidity, barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude, wet bulb,
dewpoint and more.

Our price: $309.95

Kestrel 4500 Night Vision with Applied Ballisitcs
(0 reviews)  
Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter

Our price: $589.00

Kestrel 4500 Night Vision with Horus Ballisitcs
(0 reviews)  
Pocket Weather Tracker with Horus® ATrag Ballistics.

Make your first shot even under extreme conditions.

Our price: $499.00

Kestrel Portable Tripod
(0 reviews)  
Kestrel Portable Tripod

Our price: $35.00

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