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Badger M1 Garand Throat Erosion Gage

Badger M1 Garand Throat Erosion Gage
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This tool allows you to gage the throat wear in your M1 rifle. Made to the exact spec of the G.I. Issue gage. Made from tool steel and hardened to 60Rc.

Always make certain the rifle is unloaded before performing any work on the rifle.
The breech bore gage is used to determine wear of the bore at the origin of the rifling.
This gage has 10 graduations, each of which corresponds to 0.001 inch of wear.
The tenth graduation or point marked “REJECT” is equivalent to a bore diameter of 0.310 inch, since the zero
graduation is 0.300 inch.
With a clean bore, lock the bolt to the rear, or disassemble the rifle.
Insert the gage into the chamber (fig. 1) and slide forward lightly until the it contacts the lands.
Once the gage has made contact with the throat, read the corresponding number at the rear of the barrel.
A “0” is a perfect throat.
A “3” is very average for a very good condition Garand.
A “4-6” is common on a “Shooter.
Over a “6”, may require a barrel replacement.
Please Note: These numbers are just a guide. The real proof is how the gun shoots, if it gages an 8 but still shoots well, its not shot out.
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