This is the most common question we get.  If the site sells you something, it should be in stock.
We use realtime inventory control on the site, so you may check online for yourself, (this is how we do it if you call and ask).


MSA/Sordin Supreme Pro-X
(2 reviews)  
The MSA/Sordin Supreme PRO-X

Our price: $279.00

MSA/Sordin Supreme Pro-X Neckband
(1 reviews)  
MSA/Sordin Supreme PRO-X Neckband

Our price: $284.00

MSA/Sordin Silicone Rings
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MSA/Sordin Silicone Ear Seal Set:
Silicone filled Ear Seal (AKA "Hygiene Kit"), fits MSA/Sordin Supreme Pro, Supreme Pro X, Supreme Pro 3+ Hearing protection.  Each kit includes a set of...

Our price: $40.00